Beaver Scouts

Beaver Scouts is the first section of scouting. This section is for boys between 6 and 8 years of age.

Beaver Scouts are organised in small groups called Lodges. There is normally around 5 people in each Lodge. The Lodges are collected together in what we call a Colony.

Beaver Scouts are given a say in what is happening in the programme. The Beaver Programme centres on games, arts and crafts and other activities designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage members to have lots of fun whilst making lots of new friends.


Official Beaver Scout Sweatshirt, Official Beaver Scout Trousers, 32nd Rathgar Scout Group Neckerchief, Badges and emblems worn with Beaver Scout uniform


I promise to do my best;
to be a good Beaver Scout,
to love God and
to love one another.


Beaver Scouts are Friendly, They always say Hello, Please and Thank You!
Beaver Scouts are Kind, They work hard and help their family and friends.